Sharad Purnima Vrat Katha

The story of Sharad Purnima, the festival celebrated on the full moon of Ashwin month is as follows-

Sharad Purnima Fasting Story:

A moneylender had two daughters. Both the daughters used to observe the full moon fast, but the elder daughter used to observe the complete fast methodically while the younger daughter used to do the unfinished fast. As a result, the younger daughter of the moneylender died as soon as she was born. When he asked the pundits the reason for the death of his children, he told that in the earlier times you used to do an incomplete fast of full moon, due to which all your children die as soon as they are born. Then the younger daughter asked the pundits to remedy it, so they told that if you lawfully observe the full moon day, then your children can live.

On the advice of those gentlemen, the small moneylender of the moneylender concluded the fast on the full moon day. As a result, he received the son Ratna, but he died soon after. Then the younger daughter covered the boy with the victim lying on the top. Then she called her elder sister and brought her the same agony to sit.

When the elder sister started sitting on the generation, her skirt touched the dead child, the child started crying as soon as it touched the skirt. Elder sister said - you wanted to blur me. This child of yours would die if I sat down. Then the younger sister said, sister, you do not know, it was already dead, it has become alive again by your fate. It has come alive from your merit. After this incident, in the city, he gave the impression of fasting for Sharad Purnima.

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