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  • Jai Lakshmi Ramna is a Hindu religious song for the deity Vishnu. Although the song is a Hindi language composition, it is widely sung by many Hindus within the Indian Diaspora, regardless of their native language. The prayer is sung by the entire congregation at the time of Aarti, a form of Hindu worship.

Jai Lakshmi Ramna, Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna
Satyanarayan Swami, Jan Paatak Harna
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Ratan Jadhit Sinhaasan, Adbhut Chavi Raaje
Naarad Karat Niraajan, Ghanta Van Baaje
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Prakat Bhay Kalikaaran, Dwij Ko Daras Diyo
Budho Bramhaan Bankar, Kanchan Mahal Kiyo
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Durbal Bheel Kathoro, Jin Par Kripa Kari
Chandrachud Ek Raaja, Tinki Vipatti Hari
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Vaishya Manorath Paayo, Shradha Taj Dinhi
So Fal Bhagyo Prabhuji, Fir Stutui Kinhi
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Bhav Bhakti Ke Kaaran, Chin Chin Rup Dhrayo
Shradha Dhaaran Kinhi, Tinko Kaaj Saro
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Gwaaal- Baal Sang Raja, Ban Me Bhakti Kari
Manvaanchit Phal Dinho, Deen Dayalu Hari
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Chadat Prasad Savaayo Kadali Fal Meva
Dhup Deep Tulsi Se Raaji Satyadeva
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

Shri Satyanarayan Ji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Gaave
Kahat Shivanand Swami Manvaanchit Phal Paave
Swami Jai Lakshmi Ramna

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