Rishi Panchami Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

In the Satyuga there was a king named Shyanjit in the city of Vidarbha. He was like the sages. Sumitra was an agriculturist under his rule. His wife Jayashree was extremely virtuous.
Once during the rainy season, when his wife was engaged in farming, she became menstruating. She became aware of menstruation, yet she continued to do household chores. After some time, both of them, men and women, died at their own age. Jayshree became a bitch and Sumitra got bull's cunt due to contact with the menstruating woman, because apart from Ritu Dosha, both of them had no crime.
That is why both of them remember all the details of their previous birth. Both of them started living with their son Suchitra in the same city as bitch and bull. Dharmatma Suchitra used to give full hospitality to his guests. On the day of Shraddh of his father, he made many types of food for the Brahmins for his home.
When her woman went out of the kitchen for some work, a snake spewed venom in the kitchen pudding. Suchitra's mother as a bitch was watching everything from a distance. On the arrival of the daughter-in-law of the son, he put his face in the vessel to save the son from the sin of killing Brahman. This act of bitch was not seen from Suchitra's wife Chandravati and she took the burning wood out of the stove and killed the bitch.
Poor bitch started running around here and there. The jutting which was left in the foursome, she used to put all that Suchitra's daughter-in-law to the bitch, but due to anger she also threw it out. After throwing all the food items, cleaning the dishes, making the food again and fed it to the Brahmins.

 Distraught with hunger at night, the bitch came to her ex-husband living as a bull and said, O master! Today I am dying of hunger. Although my son used to give me food everyday, but today I did not get anything. The snake venom made of kheer pot was not able to be eaten by touching the fear of killing many Brahmins. That is why his daughter-in-law hit me and gave me nothing to eat.
Then the bull said, O Lord! Because of your sins, I too have come in this cunt and today my waist is broken while carrying the burden. Today I too was busy in the field throughout the day. My son did not even give me food today and hit me a lot. By making me suffer like this, he made this shraadh fruitless.
Listening to these things of his parents, he fed them both at the same time and then went towards the forest, saddened by their grief. After going to the forest, I asked the sages, due to what deeds my parents have received these low vagrants and now how can they get rid of them. Then all the sages said, for their liberation, you should observe the fast of Rishi Panchami with wife and give the result to your parents.
To cleanse the face of Shukla Panchami of the month of Bhadrapada, bathe in the holy waters of the river in the mid-day and worship the Saptarishis including Arundhati by wearing new silk clothes. Hearing this, Suchitra returned to his home and worshiped with the help of his wife and law. Due to his virtue, both the parents were released from the animal production. Therefore, the woman who devoutly observes Rishi Panchami, she goes to Baikunth after enjoying all the worldly pleasures.

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