Never eat yogurt or curd with salt

Never eat yogurt with salt. If yogurt has to be eaten, then curd should always be eaten with sweet things, such as with sugar, with good, with bad etc.

To understand this activity better, you have to go to any scientific instrument shop and go to the market, and from there you have to buy a lens, now if you see this lens in yogurt, you will see thousands of small bacteria.

These bacteria will be seen moving around in your living state. These bacteria should go into our body in a living state, because when we eat curd, the enzyme process in us runs well.

We eat yogurt only for bacteria.

Yogurt is considered the home of bacteria in the language of Ayurveda, if you count the bacteria in a cup of yogurt, then millions of bacteria will be seen.

If you eat sweet curd then these bacteria will prove very beneficial for you.

At the same time, if you add a pinch of salt to the curd, then all the bacteria will die in a minute. And only their corpse will go inside us, which will not be of any use.

If you put a pinch in 100 kg of curd, then all the bacterial properties of the curd will be lost because the chemicals in salt are enemies of bacteria.

Ayurveda states that add such a thing in yogurt, which does not increase bacteria or kill them or kill them.

Eat the curd with jaggery, the number of bacteria gets multiplied as soon as the jaggery is added and it goes from one crore to two crore and mix it well for a while.

By adding boora, the growth of bacteria in yogurt increases manifold.

If the sugar is added to the curd, it will serve as a icing on the cake.

Lord Krishna also used to eat curd along with sugar candy.

People of olden times used to put jaggery in curd.

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