Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 22

yadṛichchhā-lābha-santuṣhṭo dvandvātīto vimatsaraḥ
samaḥ siddhāvasiddhau cha kṛitvāpi na nibadhyate

 Content with whatever gain comes of its own accord, and free from envy, they are beyond the dualities of life. Being equipoised in success and failure, they are not bound by their actions, even while performing all kinds of activities.

Word by Word Meaning:

yadṛichchhā - which comes of its own accord
lābha - gain
santuṣhṭaḥ - contented
dvandva - duality
atītaḥ - surpassed
vimatsaraḥ - free from envy
samaḥ - equipoised
siddhau - in success
asiddhau - failure
cha - and
kṛitvā - performing
api - even
na - never
nibadhyate - is bound


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