Eklingji Temple - Udaipur

Important information

  • Address: Kailashpuri, Girwa Tehsil, near the former capital of Mewar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313202
  • Temple Open and Close Timings : 
  • Morning Time - 04:30 am to 07:00 am & 10:30 am to 01:30 pm
  • Evening Time - 05:00 pm to 07:30 pm
  • Aarti Timings :
  • Morning Aarti - 05:30 am, 08:15 am, 09:15 am & 11:30 am
  • Afternoon Aarti - 03:30 pm & 04:30 pm
  • Evening Aarti - 05:00 pm & 06:30 pm
  • Nearest Railway Station : Udaipur railway station at a distance of nearly 24.9 kilometres from Eklingji Temple.
  • Nearest Airport : Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur, at a distance of nearly 33.8 kilometres from Eklingji Temple.

Ekling Temple is a Hindu temple completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. Ekling Temple is located in Udaipur district of Rajasthan state of India. Ekling Temple is situated between two hills about 22 km north of Udaipur. The name of that place is 'Kailashpuri'. Kailashpuri is known as Ekling Ji, due to the temple of Lord Shiva being Ekling in Kailashpuri. Ekaling Lord Shiva is considered the family deity of Maharanas and other Rajputs of Mewar state of Rajasthan. Ekling Temple is one of the important pilgrimage centers of India.

It is believed that at this place the king used to rule only as a representative of the single God. Because of this Maharana of Udaipur is called Diwanji. If the king of the state used to go to any war, he used to first worship Ekling ji and take blessings from Lord Shiva.

It is also believed that many times the kings of Mewar used to take vows of historical importance in the Ekling temple.

Ekling Temple Complex

There are a total of 108 temples in the Ekling temple complex. The main temple enshrines a 50-feet four-faced idol of Lord Shiva, known as Ekling Maharaj. A brass idol of Nandi, the companion of Lord Shiva, is installed at the entrance of the main temple. The idol of Mata Parvati and Ganesha is also installed in the temple. Apart from Lord Shiva, there are also temples of many deities like Yamuna Devi, Saraswati Devi, Amba Mata, Kalika Mata, Vindhyavasini Devi Temple. There is a Vishnu temple in the Ekling temple. People call this temple Meerabai's temple. Images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya can be seen on the silver doors of the temple. Sculptures of dancing women can also be seen on the walls of the temple.

It is also known from public opinion that Bappa Rawal's Guru Nath Haritrashi was the Mahant of Ekling ji's temple and his disciple tradition took care of the work of temple worship etc. Mahant of Ekling ji's temple, an ancient monastery of Ukhta Naths is still built to the west of the temple. Later, due to the corruption of the conduct of the Nath sadhus, the work of worship etc. of the temple was handed over to the Gusais and they became the Mathadhish of the said temple. This tradition continues even today.

Construction of Ekling Temple

No written evidence has been found regarding the construction period and builder of the Ekling temple, but according to public opinion, it was built by Bappa Rawal around the eighth century. Maharana Mokal of Udaipur got this temple renovated. The entire credit of the present temple goes to Maharana Raimal.

The four-faced statue of Mahadev made of black marble of the said temple was established by Maharana Raimal. In a niche in front of the southern gate of the temple, there is a prashastipad of 100 verses related to Maharana Raimal.

According to an article established by the temple trust outside the Ekling temple complex, the present Chaturmukhi linga was established when the original Banalinga was flown into the Indrasagar by the Dungarpur state.

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