What is the right way to drink water?

What is the importance of water in our life? Everyone knows this. A human being can live for 21 days without eating, but cannot live for 3 days without water. Doctor, we recommend everyone to drink as much water as possible. That's why most people try to drink as much water as possible, but some people drink cold water in summer or drink a piece of ice in water, which is very wrong. Now the question is how cold and hot water should be drunk.

Our body temperature is 36 degrees Celsius. A normal human should drink water whose temperature is between 48 and 24 degrees Celsius. If you are a student, then you should drink water up to 8 degrees Celsius, that is, 28 and 44 degrees Celsius. One should not drink more cold or hot water than this. If water is consumed at more than this difference, then the temperature and water inside the body becomes turbid in practice.

How much water should we drink?

You do not feel thirsty and if you do not drink water, nothing will happen to you. But some people drink water a small amount  every once in a while, it will increase the amount of water in your body because little by little your body absorbs the water which will cause the sodium level in your body to fall. This will affect other parts of your body, especially your brain. Falling sodium levels will increase the risk of swelling on your brain. So whenever you want to drink water, you should drink at least one glass of water and only when thirsty. One should drink a little more water than you are thirsty. This will absorb the amount of water that your body needs, and the rest of the water will drain out of the body.

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