Radha Krishna ki Aarti

Om Jay Shree Radha Jay Shree Krshna
Shree Radha Krshnaay Namah .

Ghoom Ghumaaro Ghaamar Sohe Jay Shree Radha
Pat Peetaambar Muni Man Mohe Jay Shree Krshna
Jugal Prem Ras Jham Jham Jhamakai
Shree Radha Krshnaay Namah .

Radha Radha Krshna Kanhaiya Jay Shree Radha
Bhav Bhay Saagar Paar Lagaiya Jay Shree Krshna
Mangal Moorati Moksh Karaiya
Shree Radha Krshnaay Namah 

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