Shri Narsingh Bhagwan Ki Aarti

Om Jai Narsingh Hare, Prabhu Jai Narsingh Hare।
Stambh Phad Prabhu Prakate, Stambh Phad Prabhu Prakate, Jan Ka Taap Hare॥
Om Jai Narsingh Hare॥

Tum Ho Deen Dayala, Bhaktan Hitakari, Prabhu Bhaktan Hitakari।
Adbhut Roop Banakar, Adbhut Roop Banakar, Prakate Bhay Haari॥
Om Jai Narsingh Hare॥

Sabke Hridaya Vidaran, Dusyu Jiyo Maari, Prabhu Dusyu Jiyo Maari।
Daas Jaan Apnayo, Daas Jaan Apnayo, Jan Par Kripa Kari॥
Om Jai Narsingh Hare॥

Brahma Karat Aarti, Mala Pahinave, Prabhu Mala Pahinave।
Shivji Jai Jai Kahkar, Pushpan Barsave॥
Om Jai Narsingh Hare॥

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