How to make your journey auspicious and beneficial

We go somewhere for daily journey from home and we want our journey to be auspicious and profitable. According to Hindu religion, if a person does some work while traveling from home and makes rules, then his journey can be auspicious. Many people go on a journey from home, then they consume curd and some people have to celebrate that they do not go on a journey after eating sweets, if sweets are eaten then they are told to eat salty.

We can understand through a verse what should be eaten and what should not be eaten before the journey.

ravi ko paan som ka darpan ।
mangal ko gud kariye arpan ।।

budhe dhaniyaan beephe jeer ।
shukr kahe mohi dadhi kee peer ।।

kahai shanee mein adarakh paavau ।
sukh-sampatti nishchayaghar laavau ।।

vastu graahmakari jo jahaanjaavai ।
siddhikaaj kari ghar naraavai ।।

Meaning: - Before traveling on Sunday, start the journey by eating betel leaves, jaggery on Tuesday, coriander on Wednesday, cumin on Thursday, curd on Friday, ginger on Saturday and start the journey by looking at the mirror on Monday.

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