Krava Chauth Ki Vrat Katha

Karva Chauth Fast Story:

Karva Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is fasted on Karva Chauth. This is the main festival of women. Suhagin women observe this fast for their husband's longevity.

A moneylender had seven boys and a girl. His daughter-in-law and daughter, including Sethani, had fasted for Karva Chauth. When the moneylender's boys started eating food, they asked their sister for food. On this the sister replied - Brother! The moon has not yet come out. I will give food after giving it. After listening to the sister, what did the brothers do that they went out in the city and lit a fire and while going through the sieve, showing light from them, they told the sister - sister! The moon has come out, take food after giving midday meal. Hearing this, she told her brothers that come, you also give the blessings of the moon, but she knew this scandal, she said that sister! Now the moon has not come out, your brother is cheating on you, showing the light of fire with a sieve, he did not pay any heed even to listen to the brothers, and took food only by giving light to the light shown by the brothers. In this way, Ganesha became unhappy with the fast. After this, her husband became very ill and whatever was at home, he got sick. He repented when he discovered the defects he had committed. Praying to Ganesha, he started fasting on Chaturthi again with the help of law.

Honoring everyone according to the devotion, he took his mind to receive the most blessings. Thus, seeing her deeds including devotion and devotion, Lord Ganesha became pleased with her and donated her husband's life. After healing him, made him rich with wealth. In this way, anyone who abandons deception and fasts on Chaturthi with devotion and devotion will all be happy in this way and will be freed from the tribulation.

Story of Ganeshji Vinayakji: There was a blind old woman who had a boy and a daughter-in-law. She was very poor . She used to worship blind old Nityaprati Ganeshji. Ganeshji used to come face to face and used to say that you should ask for whatever you want. The old lady used to say that I do not know how to ask so how can I ask for more? Then Ganeshji said, ask your daughter-in-law and ask for it. When the old man asked his son and daughter-in-law, Benta asked that he ask for money and Bahu said that grandson should ask. Then the old lady thought that the son-in-law was saying things of his own meaning, so that old lady asked the neighbors, then the neighbor said that old lady is my little life, should you ask for money and grandson, you only ask for your eyes so that your balance May life be spent happily.

The old lady, listening to the son and the neighbors, thought about going to the house, so that the son would be the daughter-in-law and well of all, he should also ask for it and ask for what he meant. When Shri Ganeshji came on the second day and said, what is the demand for the old lady, our word is what you will ask and you will be able to sleep. Hearing the words of Ganesha, the old lady said - O Ganeshraj! If you are happy with me, then give me nine crores of Maya, give me grandson, give birth to a healthy body, give eternal happiness, light the eyes and give happiness to all the family and finally give salvation. Hearing about the old lady, Ganesha said, old mother, you have cheated me. Well, whatever you have asked, you will get all. Saying this, Ganesha disappeared.


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