Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 21

nirāśhīr yata-chittātmā tyakta-sarva-parigrahaḥ
śhārīraṁ kevalaṁ karma kurvan nāpnoti kilbiṣham

 Free from expectations and the sense of ownership, with mind and intellect fully controlled, they incur no sin, even though performing actions by one’s body.

Word by Word Meaning:

nirāśhīḥ - free from expectations
yata - controlled
chitta-ātmā - mind and intellect
tyakta - having abandoned
sarva - all
parigrahaḥ - the sense of ownership
śhārīram - bodily
kevalam - only
karma - actions
kurvan - performing; na - never
āpnoti - incurs
kilbiṣham - sin
na - never


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