Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 15

evaṁ jñātvā kṛitaṁ karma pūrvair api mumukṣhubhiḥ
kuru karmaiva tasmāttvaṁ pūrvaiḥ pūrvataraṁ kṛitam

Knowing this truth, even seekers of liberation in ancient times performed actions. Therefore, following the footsteps of those ancient sages, you too should perform your duty.

Word by Word Meaning:

evam - thus
jñātvā - knowing
kṛitam - performed
karma - actions
pūrvaiḥ - of ancient times
api - indeed
mumukṣhubhiḥ - seekers of liberation
kuru - should perform
karma - duty
eva - certainly
tasmāt - therefore
tvam - you
pūrvaiḥ - of those ancient sages
pūrva-taram - in ancient times
kṛitam - performed

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