Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 42

tasmād ajñāna-sambhūtaṁ hṛit-sthaṁ jñānāsinātmanaḥ
chhittvainaṁ sanśhayaṁ yogam ātiṣhṭhottiṣhṭha bhārata

 Therefore, with the sword of knowledge, cut asunder the doubts that have arisen in your heart. O scion of Bharat, establish yourself in karm yog. Arise, stand up, and take action!

Word by Word Meaning:

tasmāt - therefore
ajñāna-sambhūtam - born of ignorance
hṛit-stham - situated in the heart
jñāna - of knowledge
asinā - with the sword
ātmanaḥ - of the self
chhittvā - cut asunder
enam - this
sanśhayam - doubt
yogam - in karm yog
ātiṣhṭha - take shelter
uttiṣhṭha - arise
bhārata - Arjun, descendant of Bharat

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