Budhvar Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

Once upon a time, a moneylender went to his in-laws to send his wife off. After staying there for a few days, he asked the mother-in-law to leave his wife, but the mother-in-law and other relatives said that "Son is Wednesday today. Wednesday does not travel for any auspicious work." But he did not agree and stubbornly sent his wife away on Wednesday and went to his city. On the way, his wife felt thirsty, she asked her husband for water to drink. The moneylender took the carriage and got down from the car and went to get water. When he came back with water, he was shocked, because his wife was sitting with another person of his appearance.

The wife too was surprised to see her husband. She could not make any difference between the two. The moneylender asked the person sitting nearby, who are you and why are you sitting with my wife? Hearing that, the person said- Hey brother, this is my wife. I have brought my wife away from her in-laws, but who are you asking me such a question? The two started quarreling among themselves. Then the soldiers of the state came and they caught the moneylender and asked the woman, who is your real husband? His wife kept quiet because she herself was surprised to see whom she would call her husband? The moneylender said to God, "Oh God, what is this Leela?"

Then there was a voice in the air that you should not go on a foolish day today for auspicious work. You did not listen to anyone stubbornly. All this is happening due to the wrath of Lord Buddha.

The moneylender prayed to Lord Budhdev and apologized for his mistake. Then the God of Mercury, who came in human form, disappeared. He brought his woman home. After this, the husband and wife started fasting on Wednesday. The person who tells or listens to this story does not feel guilty about traveling on Wednesday and gets all kinds of happiness.

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