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punarapi jananaṃ punarapi maraṇaṃ, punarapi jananī jaṭhare śayanam |
iha saṃsāre bahu dustāre, kṛpayā’pāre pāhi murāre ‖

Meaning : Re-birth, re-death, re-living in mother's womb! It is really difficult to cross this process of world (cycle of repeated birth and death). Hey Murari! Please protect me with your causeless mercy.

Sanskirt to English 

punarapi — again and again; 
jananaṁ — birth; 
punarapi — again and again; 
maraṇaṁ — death; 
punarapi — again and again; 
jananī — mother; 
jaṭhare — in the belly, womb of mother; 
śayanam — sleeping, resting; 
iha — in this world here; 
saṁsāre — transmigration, repeated cycle of birth and death; 
bahu-dustāre — with great difficulty to cross; 
kṛpayā’pāre — grace, out of boundless compassion; 
pāhi — protect; 
murāre — Murāri,  Kṛṣṇa.

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