Shiv Sati Katha

Shiv Sati Katha :

Daksha Prajapati had many daughters. All daughters were talented. But Daksha did not have satisfaction in his mind. They wanted to have a daughter born in their home who is power-rich. Sarv-Vijayini. Daksha started doing penance for such a daughter. Many days passed while meditating, so Bhagwati Adya appeared and said, 'I am pleased with your tenacity. I will take birth on your own as a daughter.

My name will be Sati. I will expand my pastimes by being born as Sati. ' As a result, Bhagwati Adya was born to Daksha in the form of Sati. All the daughters of Sati Daksha were supernatural. He had done many such supernatural acts in childhood itself, seeing that Daksha himself had to be immersed in waves of awe.
When Sati got married, Daksha worried about the groom for her. He consulted Brahma Ji. Brahma ji said, 'Sati is the incarnation of Adya. Adya Adishakti and Shiva are men. Therefore, Shiva is the worthy and proper groom for the marriage of Sati.

Daksha obeyed Brahma Ji and married Sati with Lord Shiva.
Sati started living with Lord Shiva in Kailash. Although Lord Shiva was the creator of Daksha, an incident occurred which caused hatred and opposition towards Lord Shiva in Daksha's heart.

The event was like this - Once Brahma organized an assembly to represent religion. All the great gods were gathered in the assembly. Lord Shiva was also sitting on one side. Daksha arrived in the meeting hall. On the arrival of Daksha, all the gods got up and stood up, but Lord Shiva did not stand up. He did not even salute Daksha. As a result Daksha felt insulted. Not only this, the fire of jealousy towards Lord Shiva ignited in his heart.

They started waiting for time and opportunity to take revenge from them. What does Lord Shiva mean by insulting someone and insulting someone? They are like-minded.

They see nectar all around. Where there is nectar, what is the work of bitter and astringent? Lord Shiva used to say Rama-Rama day and night in Kailash. Curiosity arose in Sati's mind. He took the opportunity and asked Lord Shiva, 'Why do you say Ram-Ram? Who is Rama?

 Lord Shiva replied, 'Rama is a man, he is self-worshiping, I am adorable. It is also virtuous, it is also virtuous. But the matter did not get under Sati's throat. She started thinking, how can Ram, the son of Ayodhya's Nritya Dasaratha be an avatar of Adi Purush?
Nowadays, he is wandering like a maniac in the Dandak forest under the disconnection of his wife Sita. They have been asking about their address to trees and creepers. If he were the incarnation of Adi Purush, would he have behaved like this? The idea of ​​taking Ram's test arose in Sati's mind. Taking the form of Sita, she reached the Dandak forest and appeared in front of Rama.

Lord Rama seeing Sati as Sita said, 'Mother, where are you roaming alone in the forest? Where is Baba Vishwanath? On hearing Rama's question, Sati could not answer anything. She became invisible and started repenting her mind that she doubted Rama in vain.

Rama is really the incarnation of Adi Purush. When Sati returned to Kailash, Lord Shiva saw her coming and said, 'Sati, you did not do well by taking Rama's test as Sita. Sita is my worship. How can you be my half-sister now! In this birth we and you cannot meet as husband and wife. Sati was extremely saddened to hear Shiv ji's statement, but what could happen now. How could the matter which came out of Shiva's mouth be untrue.
Shiva ji became tombstone. Sati started drowning in waves of sorrow and remorse.

At the same time Sati's father was performing a huge yagna in Kankhal. He had invited all the gods and sages in the yagna, but did not invite Shiva, because he was jealous of Shiva. When Sati came to know that her father had done a very big yagna, her mind became anxious to attend the ceremony. Shiva was a samadhistha. So she went to her father's house with Virabhadra without getting permission from Shiva.

Somewhere the incident of Sati's visit to the ancestral home is described in another way - Once Sati and Shiva were having a mutual conversation while sitting on Mount Kailash. At the same time, many aircrafts appeared from the sky route towards Kankhal. Seeing those planes, Sati asked Lord Shiva, "Lord, who are all these planes and where are they going?" Lord Shakkar replied, "Your father has created a yagna. The gods and devangas are going to sit in these planes and join the same yagna. '

Sati asked another question, 'Did my father not invite you to join the yajna?' Lord Shankar replied, 'Your father hates me, then why did he call me?'

Sati started thinking in her mind, then said, 'On the occasion of Yajna, my sisters will definitely come. It has been a long time to meet him. If you have my permission, I also want to go to my father's house. I will join the yagna and you will get the opportunity to meet the sisters also.

Lord Shiva replied, 'It would not be appropriate to go there at this time. Your father is jealous of me, maybe he insults you too. It is not appropriate to go to someone's house without calling 'Lord Shiva replied,' Yes, the married girl should not go to the father's house without being called, because the girl becomes her husband when married. His connection with the father's house breaks. But Sati persisted in going to Pihar.

She kept repeating herself. Seeing his wish, Lord Shiva gave permission to go to Pihar. He also made a Gana with him, the name of that Gana was Virabhadra. Sati went to her father's house with Virbhadra, but no one spoke to him lovingly. Daksha looked at them and said, 'Have you come here to insult me? Look at your sisters, how they are fully decorated with embellishments and beautiful clothes.

There is only tiger on your body. Your husband is a crematorium and a hero of ghosts. What else can he wear except Tiger, Sati's heart swells with repentance. She started thinking, "He did no good by coming here." God was rightly saying, one should not even go to the father's house without being called. But what can happen now? I have come now. 'Sati remained silent even after hearing her father's bitter and insulting words. She went to the Yagyamandal where all the gods and sages were seated and sacrifices were being made in the burning fire in the Yajnakunda.

Sati saw portions of all the gods in the Yajnamandapa, but did not see the part of Lord Shiva. Seeing Lord Shiva's part, she said to her father, 'Pitrishrestha! Everybody's parts are visible in the sacrificial fire, but there is no part of Kailashpati. Why didn't you give them away? Daksha proudly replied, 'I do not consider your husband Kailash a god. He is the lord of ghosts, living naked and wearing a garland of bones.

He is not fit to sit in the line of gods. Who will give him away Sati's eyes were red with anger. His eyebrows became crooked. His mouth rose like a sun in the Holocaust. He said painfully, 'Oh! How I am listening to these words, I am sorry. Gods, damn you too! How are you listening to these words for those Kailashpati who are the symbols of Mars and who have the power to destroy the entire creation in just a moment. They are my master.

Her husband is heaven for a woman. A woman who hears abusive words for her husband has to go to hell. Listen to the earth, listen to the heavens and the gods, listen to you too! My father has insulted my master.
I don't want to live even for a moment now. ' Sati jumped into the tank of the yajna, ending her statement. His body also started burning with burning burns. There was a commotion in the Yagyamandap, there was chaos. The gods got up and stood up. Virabhadra shivered with anger. They began to destroy the yagna by jumping.

There was a stampede in the Yagyamandap. The deity and sage-monk ran away. Virbhadra cut Daksha's forehead on seeing it. The news was also placed in the ears of Lord Shiva. They reached Kankhal like a severe thunderstorm. Seeing the burnt body of Sati, Lord Shiva forgot himself. Sati's love and devotion made Shankar's mind distraught. Disturbed the mind of Shankara, who had also conquered Kama and who had the ability to destroy the whole creation.

He was lost in the love of Sati, became insensible. Like Shiva, Lord Shiva kept the body on the shoulder, burnt with sati. They started traveling in all directions.
Seeing this supernatural love of Shiva and Sati, the earth stopped, the wind stopped, the water stopped and the gods stopped. The world became distraught, the creatures of the world started calling - Trihimam! Triamam! Seeing the terrible crisis present, Lord Vishnu, the foster of creation, moved forward.

They began to cut each part of Sati by chopping it in the chaos of Lord Shiva. In fifty-one places on earth, Sati's limbs were cut off. When all the parts of Sati were cut off, Lord Shiva again came into his own. When he came in himself, all the works of creation started running again.

The fifty-one places on earth where Sati's limbs were severed, are the only places considered to be Shakti's place of back. Even today, Sati is worshiped in those places, worship is done.

Blessed was the love of Shiva and Sati. The love of Shiva and Sati has made them immortal, making them venerable. Due to which forgetfulness of Sati, Bholenath and Sati did not meet as a husband and wife? Lord Shiva and Sati Mata while traveling on earth to Maharishi Agastya He went to the ashram and got enchanted after listening to the Ramakatha from his mouth. After staying there for a few days, Lord Shiva and Sati Mata returned to Kailash.

Going towards Kailash, Lord Shiva was contemplating how to see Lord Shri Ram. Just then, passing through Dandakavan, his eyes fell on Sri Rama and Lakshmana.

Ravana had taken away Mother Sita. Shri Ram and Lakshman were wandering in search of Sita ji. Lord Shiva got emotional after seeing him and not knowing the proper time, he did not interview him in his true form. Suspicions arose in the mind of Mother Sati towards Shri Rama. He thought that if this is really the form of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, then why are you wandering rate in search of your wife?

Lord Shiva knew what was going on inside Mata Sati. He said to Mata Sati, "Goddess! If you have any doubt about Lord Shri Ram, you can test him. "Mother Sati took the form of Mother Sita and went near Shri Ram. Sri Rama bowed to her and said - "Mother! Are you alone in the forest? Where is Lord Shiva?

Knowing the true nature of Shri Rama, she became very self-conscious and went back to Lord Shiva. Wherever they used to stand, they saw Shri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita ji standing together and saw Lord Shiva, Jagat Father Brahma, Indra Saptaris etc. doing the chanting of Shri Rama.

Seeing Maya composed by Shri Ram, she got scared and stunned and sat there with her eyes closed. After some time, she opened her eyes fearfully, and the whole Maya was over. When he reached Lord Shiva again, he asked, "I brought Shri Ram's examination?" Mother Sati lied that, "He did not take any test."

Lord Shiva meditated and understood the whole thing. He bowed to Lord Maya of Lord Rama, which inspired him to lie out of Sati's face.
Sati disguised Sita ji, knowing that there was sadness in Shiva's mind.

He thought that if he now loves Sati, then this religion will be against him because he considered Sita ji like mother but he loved Sati very much, so could not even abandon him. Then he vowed in his heart that he and Sati cannot meet as husband and wife, but he did not say anything to Sati directly about it.

After that he returned to Kailash. He also took the exam, what happened in it, he saw the vision of Lord Rama only, but the Lord gave the message of the era only to put it into the story of the life of Sati Mata. Lord Bhale Nath And Sati Mata has reduced this story on her life and has given the same message that the first religion of women is - to follow the husband fasting religion.

Stay in subjection and command of your husband. To follow your natural religion in your first year. Do not chant it to see God even if it is not accepted by God. Sati's mother gave up that body and then did not wish to become Parvati except serving her beloved Lord Bhootnath.

The royalty of the royal women was rejected, and forever in the abhinava, Parvati ji continued to practice her natural religion until the ages of Lord Shankar. Lord Bhalenath ji lacks the artificial pleasures and opulence of the world, but Parmeshwari Parvati ji like nature always lives forever.

Now because God has the feeling - Brahmabhav. There is a simple feeling of following the first religion-simple religion according to the truth, good and era, only then Lord Bhalenath is pleased very quickly on the devotees because the welfare of the devotees is the simple religion of God.

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