Ganga Mata ki Aarti

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  • Om Jai Gange Mata is a Hindu religious song for the deity Maa Ganga. Although the song is a Hindi language composition, it is widely sung by many Hindus within the Indian Diaspora, regardless of their native language. The prayer is sung by the entire congregation at the time of Aarti, a form of Hindu worship.

Om Jai Gange Mata, Shri Jai Gange Mata
Jo Nar Tumko Dhyata, Man Vanchit Phal Pata
!! Om Jai Gange Mata !!

Chandra Si Jot Tumhari, Jal Nirmal Aata
Sharan Pade Jo Teri, So Nar Tar Jata
!! Om Jai Gange Mata !!

Putra Sagar Ke Taare, Sab Jag Ko Gyata
Kripa Drishti Tumhari, Tribhuvan Sukh Data
!! Om Jai Gange Mata !!

Ek Baar Jo Teri, Sharanagati Aata
Yam Ki Traas Mitakar, Paramgati Pata
!! Om Jai Gange Mata !!

Aarti Mat Tumhari, Jo Jan Nitya Gata
Arjun Wahi Sahaj Mein, Mukti Ko Pata
!! Om Jai Gange Mata !!

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