Another name of the world is Death Folk.

The other name of the world is Death Folk (mrtyu lok). None knows when death will come. The world is indebted. Here the person has to fill what he does. In this world, no one is their own, as long as people's selfishness is fulfilled, they consider it as their own. Relatives also tell a poor person unknown. Family members respect him as long as the person is working. He does not like to sit in the house even if he is not able to work. Nobody even likes to speak with him. The child for whom the bloodshed was built one by one by sweating blood, they do not even like to give a cot place in it. Even after this, the person is trapped in fascination.

It is said that once Narada ji went to Lord Vishnu and said to him, Lord! Many people in the world are engaged in your devotion. If they all come to heaven, the earth will be empty and there will be a huge crowd in heaven. No one wants to come to heaven, everyone is doing bhajan for worldly pleasures. Narada said, Lord! I don't think anyone wants to come to heaven. Everyone would want to come to such a good place. Vishnu said, go to the earth and bring anyone with you to heaven. Narada Ji came to earth and thought that ascetic people are entitled to go to heaven, so they should first take them to heaven.

Narada ji went to the ascetics and asked him to go to heaven. The sages said Narada ji, the body of saints is for charity. We are showing Sanmarga by teaching the people of the world, teaching students to build character in Gurukul. Our heaven is here, after this, they went from king to beggar to many people, but no one was ready to go to heaven. After losing Narada ji, an old man was saying, O God! Now take it away and show how many sorrows Narada ji thought, let's find a person. They went to him and said, 'Baba, let me take you to heaven. The old man said, Narada ji, I would go to heaven but my son is not married yet, after he gets married, I will go to heaven.

When Narada ji came after marriage, the old man said, Narada ji, let me see the mouth of a grandson and after that I will go to heaven with you. When Narada came after this, he had a grandson. Narada said that now he has also become a grandson, now come with me. The old man said Narada, its parents are very careless, I take care of the grandson. If I go with you, the life of the grandson will be ruined. I will follow up with you when it gets a little smarter. A few days later Narada came again, and he saw that the old man was unable to walk and was sitting at the gate to guard the house.

Narada ji said, "Brother, you are unable to even walk now. Old man said with me, my children are very careless. They leave the house open and go away. I take care of the house, watch the night if I If left, the thieves will pick up their belongings Narada ji came back after some time, and he saw that the old man's bed was lying in a corner behind the house, he could not even sit up. Then Narada ji said that now you have become very bad, now go to heaven with me. The old man got angry and said, "Hey Narada, why are you after me?" I don't want your heaven to find someone else. My children give me their leftover food, I am watching my family flourish, this is my heaven. Now go away from here and never come to me from now on.

Now consider if Narada ji comes to us to take us to heaven, will we be ready to go with him? Or ask them to wait for some time, I ask a lot of people engaged in devotion, how is your practice going? So almost everyone has only one answer, yet some responsibilities are left, when they are fulfilled, then they will be engaged in one-sided practice. Responsibilities are never going to be fulfilled, age will definitely be fulfilled. Devotion to God has to be done while performing the responsibilities, only a person who is satisfied with the present situation can do spiritual practice. A person imagining a favorable situation cannot adopt the path of devotion.

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