Is it auspicious or inauspicious to put mango leaves on the door of the house?

In Indian Hindu culture, the mango tree is revered and considered sacred. This is because, in addition to its fruit, its wood and leaves are also highly beneficial and auspicious. In Hinduism, the wood of the mango tree is used as samidha (sacrificial fuel) during rituals. It is believed that burning this wood with ghee creates a positive energy in the home. Hanging the leaves of this tree on the main door of the house is said to increase happiness and prosperity in the home, ensuring the smooth completion of all auspicious tasks.

A symbol of fertility and abundance, mango leaves are often used in religious ceremonies and rituals. Placing them on the doorstep is believed to invite positive energy into the home and keep negative forces at bay. The broad, green leaves are considered auspicious and are believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the household.

According to religious beliefs, the mango is a favorite fruit of Lord Hanuman, hence wherever there are mangoes or mango leaves, there is said to be a special grace of Lord Hanuman. Even scriptures consider hanging mango leaves on doors to be extremely auspicious.

The use of mango tree wood in our Indian culture has been practiced as samidha since Vedic times. It is believed that using mango wood, ghee, and other offerings in rituals increases positivity in the environment.

Hanging mango leaves on the entrance door of the house brings positive energy to everyone entering the home. Whenever the outside air touches these leaves, it brings positive particles into the home.

The air entering the home after brushing against the mango leaves brings happiness and prosperity. It is believed that such a home remains free from discord. Additionally, it is also believed that hanging mango leaves on the entrance door ensures the smooth completion of all auspicious tasks. Hence, whenever performing any auspicious activity, mango leaves are hung on the house's door first.

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