What are some enlightening things written in the Vedas that are useful to us?

According to the Rig Veda, the grain that is produced in our fields is distributed by our ancestors. Its sequence is given as follows: -

1. Four fingers of land from the ground.
2.The animals under the earrings of wheat.
3. The first Bali of the first crop was Agni.
4. A handful of granule birds when you separate the wheat from the fruit.
5. A handful of flour ants when making wheat flour.
6. Sewed dough of fishes.
7. Then made the dough of Gaumata.
8. First plate of the elders of the house.
9. Then our plate.
10. The last dog of the dog.

It teaches us. Our eternal culture. We all should be proud that we are part of this culture.

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