Ashoka Ashtami 2025

Important information

  • Ashoka Ashtami 2025
  • Saturday, 05 April 2025
  • Ashtami Start : 04 April 2025 at 08:13 pm
  • Ashtami End : 05 April 2025 at 07:26 pm

The importance of Ashoka Ashtami is mentioned many times in Hindu Puranas. The word ‘Ashoka’ means ‘relief from sorrow’ while ‘Ashtami’ means ‘eighth day’ as per Hindu calendar. Ashok Ashtami day is celebrated because on this day Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti had removed the sorrows of Lord Rama.

According to folk beliefs, when there was a great war between Lord Rama and Ravana, it was becoming difficult for Lord Rama to defeat Ravana, so Rama worshiped Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti for their blessings, then Lord Shri Ram's steadfast Inspired by the devotion, Goddess Parvati gave him her blessings. As a result, the next day Lord Rama killed the demon king Ravana with the power of 'Brahmastra'.

Since then, this important victory is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement, with processions being taken out on the Ashtami day of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Why is Ashok Ashtami Puja celebrated?

Many festivals are celebrated in India as a tribute to the beauty of nature. According to Hindu scriptures, God is present in every particle, thus worshiping trees is considered equivalent to worshiping God. In Sanatan culture, nature is celebrated in every festival.

Every tree has its own importance, apart from being the support for life, they also help in our prosperity. Ashoka tree also gives happiness and peace in our life. The festival of Ashok Ashtami recognizes the relevance of nature in our lives.

It is said that the Ashoka tree originated from Lord Shiva. Worship of this tree brings blessings of Lord Shiva. To achieve desired goals or fulfill wishes, it is appropriate to offer milk to the roots of the Ashoka tree and tie a thread around it. The worship of Ashoka trees is important from both religious and scientific point of view.

Ashoka tree has been described very beautifully in Garuda Purana

Ashokalika hyashtau ye pibanti punarvasau |
Chaitre maasi seetaashtamyan na te shokamavaapnuyuh ||

That is, if there is a combination of Punarvasu Nakshatra along with Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, then fasting on this day is considered extremely beneficial.

It is believed that by observing a fast on this day and consuming eight buds of the Ashoka tree on this day, a person gets relief from all his sorrows. While consuming the buds the following mantra should be chanted -

“tvaamashok haraabheesht madhumaasamudbhav.
pibaami shokasantapto maamashokan sada kuru.."


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