Surya Dev Mantra - Sahasrakirṇōjvala. Lōkadīpa namastē stu namastē kōnavallabha..with meaning

Sahasrakirṇōjvala. Lōkadīpa namastē stu namastē kōnavallabha.
Bhāskarāya namō nityaṁ khakhōlakāya namō namaḥ.
Viṣṇuvē kālacakraya sōmayamitējasē.

Oh god! You are illumined by a thousand rays.
O konvallabh! You are a lamp to the world, we salute you.
Our salutations to you God, who is adorned with names like Vishnu, Kalachakra, Amit Tejashwi, Soma etc.

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