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An elderly teacher boarded the bus on a scorching summer day, suffering from leg pain, but without seeing the seat in the bus, stood up.

The bus had covered some distance that an old woman

"Come on, madam, you sit here" said, "Come, madam, you sit here" and made him sit on his seat. The poor woman herself stood in the bus. Madam prayed, "Thank you very much, my condition It was really." A relaxed smile spread across the poor woman's face.

After some time the seat next to the teacher became vacant. But the woman put another woman, who was traveling with a small child and was barely able to carry the child, on the seat. At the next stop, the woman got down with the child, the seat became vacant, but the good-natured woman did not lure to sit. Seated a weak old man who had just boarded the bus.

The seat fell vacant again. Now only a few passengers were left in the bus. Now the teacher made the woman sit beside her and asked, "How many times has the seat been vacant but you kept making people sit, not sitting yourself, what's the matter?"

The woman said, "Madam, I am a laborer, I do not have enough money to donate something. So what do I do that I lift stones from the road and put them aside, sometimes I give water to some needy , Sometimes I leave a seat for someone in the bus, then when the person in front gives me blessings, I forget my poverty. The tiredness of the day goes away. And more so, when I sit down to eat roti in the afternoon I am not outside on the bench, so these birds birds come and sit near, I put bread in small pieces. When they scream with joy, then seeing those God's creatures fills my stomach. Right, I think prayers are available for free or for free. There is no benefit and what do we have to go from here.

The teacher was speechless, an illiterate looking woman who had been taught such a great lesson. If half of the people of the world adopt such thinking, then the earth will become heaven.

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