Namasteustu Mahaaraudre Mahaaghoraparakrame - Devi Mantra

namaste ustu mahaaraudre mahaaghoraaparaakrame |
mahaabale mahotsahe mahaabhayavinaashinee ||

Meaning : “O Maharaudra (fierce) and Mahaghorparaakrami (huge and fiercely mighty), I bow to you.
O the most powerful, the most courageous, and the destroyer of fear, my salutations to you."

This verse is dedicated to the gods and goddesses revered in the mythological system of Hinduism. This verse is dedicated to Goddess Durga, who is considered the embodiment of Shakti. By reciting this verse of Goddess Durga, one gets her blessings and the devotees are free from fear. Apart from this, this verse also shows his great strength and bravery. Chanting it regularly brings satisfaction, success, and security in the life of the devotee.

After taking bath every day, morning and evening, worship the idol of the Goddess with devotion with Rori, sandalwood, vermilion, akshat, flowers, prasad and water. Show them incense, lamp and start chanting the mantra. If there is shortage of time, then meditate on Bhagwati in your mind and chant it with purity. Devotees! The feeling of devotion has predominance in worship.

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