Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 13

yajña-śhiṣhṭāśhinaḥ santo muchyante sarva-kilbiṣhaiḥ
bhuñjate te tvaghaṁ pāpā ye pachantyātma-kāraṇāt

The spiritually-minded, who eat food that is first offered in sacrifice, are released from all kinds of sin. Others, who cook food for their own enjoyment, verily eat only sin.

Word by Word Meaning:

yajña-śhiṣhṭa - of remnants of food offered in sacrifice
aśhinaḥ - eaters
santaḥ - saintly persons
muchyante - are released
sarva - all kinds of
kilbiṣhaiḥ - from sins
bhuñjate - enjoy
te - they
tu - but
agham - sins
pāpāḥ - sinners
ye - who
pachanti - cook (food)
ātma-kāraṇāt - for their own sake

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