Nurturing Spiritual Aspirations: A Prayer for Divine Guidance

In our journey of life, we find ourselves entangled in various needs and desires, leading us to perform diverse actions, wander, experience confusion, and endure suffering. We seek the divine will that elevates us, bestows love upon us, and brings inner peace.

O Lord! Grant us the power of that desire which uplifts us, allowing us to uplift ourselves and others, making judicious decisions illuminated by your wisdom.

O Narayana! Shower such grace upon us that our body remains active, engaged in fruitful actions, in continuous service without attachment. May our faces always radiate smiles, foreheads carry coolness, and our words be sweet.

Provider! Bless us with such abundance that our hands never extend in front of others, and our deeds remain fulfilled.

O Lord! Bestow upon us a loving gaze that lifts us above animosity and hatred, allowing us to live free from spreading seeds of enmity in the world.

Wherever we go, may we spread the soothing shade of peace. We humbly pray to you, seek your blessings for such a life.

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