How to please Lord Shri Ganesh?

Lord Shriganesh is not a simple deity. He is the true Anantakoti-Brahmandanayaka Jagannianata Paratpar Brahm. Shri Ganesh ji is also the paramount of thirty three crore Gods and Goddesses. Shri Ganesh ji, we are the souls of Indian eternal righteous Hindus. From birth to death, we have a bitter relationship with him. It is considered an urgent duty to remember Shri Ganesh Ji at the beginning of every task. While writing a letter or book keeping or book, first one has to write 'Sri Ganeshaya Namah' and then write something else. When worship any deity of performing a yajna, if the Lord Ganesh is not worshiped first, then there are many types of disturbances. If you donate and do charity, don't forget to celebrate Lord Ganesha first. They are worshiped first in marriage, building houses, opening new shops. Ancient palaces, forts, huge deities and temples of India will be found. On the day of Diwali, all Hindus worship Lord Ganesha and Srilakshmi. Before every religious-social work, Shree Ganesh-worship is an obligatory act.

How to please Lord Shri Ganesh?

The means of pleasing Lord Shriganesh ji is very simple and easy. Every poor and rich person can do it. There is no need for special expenditure, no special donation or merit, no special ability nor special time.

Take yellow clay nuggets. Wrap red kalava (moli) on it. Lord Shree Ganesh appeared in the form of realization. Splash the roll and add the rice grains. This is the simple method of worship. Offer a jaggery or four bets, it is enjoyed.

Gajananam Bhutganadisevitim Kapittha Jambuphalacarubhaksanam.
Umasutam Sokavinasakarankam Namami Vighnesvara Padapankajam.

Say this verse, mantra is done. He was pleased with you just because of this. How kind are they? If nothing happens, then climb up the coach and prove all your work. Nothing is spent and work is their singular glory.

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