Why is Belparat offered on Shivling?

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  • In the month of Sawan, you must also have offered a bell leaf on the Shivling. But do you know why Belaji is so dear to Shivji?
  • सावन के महीने में आपने भी जरूर शिवलिंग पर बेलपत्र चढ़ाया होगा। पर क्या आप जानती हैं कि शिवजी को बेलपत्र इतने प्रिय क्यों हैं?

Often we offer Belpatras on the Shivling in the temple. Have you ever thought what is its importance and what is it done for? Belpatra tree has been considered a sacred tree for centuries due to some of its qualities and the leaves of Belpatra are very dear to Lord Shiva, so the offering made to Lord Shiva is also considered incomplete without Belpatra. Three leaves of Belpatra which are joined together are considered sacred. The three leaves are linked together so these three leaves are considered as Tridev and some believe that the three leaves represent the trident of Mahadev.

It is believed that by offering three connected leaves of Belpatra on the Shivling, Lord Shiva is comforted and Lord Shiva is pleased. If Lord Shiva is offered only Belpatra leaves with love, then Lord Shiva is pleased.

We know the importance of Belpatra through stories.

There are many stories prevalent on this subject. But one story tells more about its importance which is very ancient. That story is the story of the “Samundar Manthan”. When both the gods and the demons churned the seas, many things came out during the churning, one of them was halal poison. This poison was such that poison could spread in the whole world, so Lord Shiva drank this poison for the welfare of the world and took it in his throat, due to which Lord Shiva is called Neelkanth. The effect of this poison was so terrible that Lord Shiva's brain became warm and Lord Shiva became restless. Then the gods affected the water on Lord Shiva's head. The coolness of the water provided relief to the brain, but the burning of the throat did not subside. Then the gods fed the leaves of Belpatra to Lord Shiva, because Belpatra has properties to reduce the effect of poison. Therefore, Belpatra leaf has special importance in the worship of Shiva.

In this subject, Sadhguru has said that the Shiva lingam is offered in the Belapatra, because if you offer the Belapatra, move it in the upper pocket of your shirt and move it, it will be beneficial for you in health, happiness, mental condition, every field.

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