Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 7

yas tvindriyāṇi manasā niyamyārabhate ’rjuna
karmendriyaiḥ karma-yogam asaktaḥ sa viśhiṣhyate

But those karm yogis who control their knowledge senses with the mind, O Arjun, and engage the working senses in working without attachment, are certainly superior.


Word by Word Meaning:

yaḥ - who
tu - but
indriyāṇi - the senses
manasā - by the mind
niyamya - control
ārabhate - begins
arjuna - Arjun
karma-indriyaiḥ - by the working senses
karma-yogam - karm yog
asaktaḥ - without attachment
saḥ - they
viśhiṣhyate - are superior

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