Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok11

devān bhāvayatānena te devā bhāvayantu vaḥ
parasparaṁ bhāvayantaḥ śhreyaḥ param avāpsyatha

 By your sacrifices the celestial gods will be pleased, and by cooperation between humans and the celestial gods, prosperity will reign for all.

Word by Word Meaning:

devān - celestial gods
bhāvayatā - will be pleased
anena - by these (sacrifices)
te - those
devāḥ - celestial gods
bhāvayantu - will be pleased
vaḥ - you
parasparam - one another
bhāvayantaḥ - pleasing one another
śhreyaḥ - prosperity
param - the supreme
avāpsyatha - shall achieve

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