Bhishma Ashtami 2023

Bhishma Ashtami 2023

Important information

  • Bhishma Ashtami 2023
  • Saturday, 28 January 2023
  • Ashtami Tithi Start : 28 January 2023 at 08:43 AM
  • Ashtami Tithi End : 29 January 2023 at 09:05 AM

Hinduism holds special significance for Bhishma Ashtami, this day is celebrated as a festival in Hinduism. The Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Magha month is called ‘Bhishma Ashtami’. This day falls during the months of January and February. This day is dedicated to Bhishma of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Bhishma was known as 'Ganga Putra Bhishma' or 'Bhishma Pitamah' but Bhishma's original name was 'Devavrat'. Bhishma was the son of Maharaja Shantanu and his mother was Ganga, hence Bhishma is known as 'Ganga Putra'.

Maharaja Shantanu had given this boon to his son Bhishma that he could choose the day of his death himself. Bhishma had taken a vow that he would never marry and would remain faithful to his father's throne.

What is Bhishma Ashtami?

Bhishma left his body on the Ashtami day of Magh Shukla Paksha of Hindu month. This was the day, which is called the day of the gods. Bhishma Pitamah left his body on the auspicious day of Uttarayan, i.e. the day Lord Surya started moving towards north after completing the six-month period of Dakshinayana. It is believed that if a person dies during Uttarayan, he goes to heaven.

The anniversary of the death of Bhishma Pitamah is celebrated during Magha Shukla Ashtami. Hence the day is called 'Bhishma Ashtami', and unquestionably as the death anniversary of Bhishma Pitamah. According to the legend associated with that day, Bhishma waited for 58 days before leaving his body.

Bhishma Ashtami Puja

  • 'Ekodishta Shradh' is performed by people in the honor of Bhishma Pitamah. It is believed that it can only be done by a person whose father is not alive. But some people do not believe so and can perform 'puja rituals' on Bhishma Ashtami.
  • To give peace to the soul of Bhishma Pitamah, people go to the nearby river bank and perform the ritual of 'Tarpan'. In the same way they also honor their ancestors.
  • People take a holy dip in the Ganges River and offer boiled rice and sesame seeds to come out of the cycle of life and death and purify their souls.
  • Devotees observe a fast during the day and perform 'Arghyam' and chant 'Bhishma Ashtami Mantra' to seek the blessings of the deity.
  • On the day of Bhishma Ashtami, one takes a holy dip in the Bhishma Kund located in Kurukshetra and worships.

Bhishma Ashtami Mantra

Vaiyāghrapadagōtrāya sāṅkr̥tyapravarāya ca |
Gaṅgāputrāya bhīṣmāya sarvadā brahmacāriṇē ||
Bhīṣma: Śāntanavō vīra: Satyavādī jitēndriya: |
Ābhirabhidravāpnōtu putrapautrōcitāṁ kriyām ||

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