Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5, Verse 06

sannyāsas tu mahā-bāho duḥkham āptum ayogataḥ
yoga-yukto munir brahma na chireṇādhigachchhati

Meaning: Perfect renunciation (karm sanyās) is difficult to attain without performing work in devotion (karm yog), O mighty-armed Arjun, but the sage who is adept in karm yog quickly attains the Supreme.

Word by Word Meaning:

mahā-bāho—mighty-armed one;
ayogataḥ—without karm-yog;
yoga-yuktaḥ—one who is adept in karm-yog;
muniḥ—a sage;
na chireṇa—quickly;

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