Ravivar Vrat, Puja and Katha

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  • Sunday (Ravivar) Vrat
  • Sunday, 02 June 2024

In Hinduism, seven days of the week are dedicated to some deity. In this way, the day of Sunday also holds importance in Hindu religion. Sunday is dedicated to Lord Suydev. This fast is observed by both men and women. Sunday fast is considered very fruitful. There is a law to worship the Sun God on this day. Worshiping the Sun God on Sunday brings happiness, prosperity, wealth and protection from enemies. By observing the Sunday fast and listening to the story, all the wishes of a human being are fulfilled. You get respect, wealth and fame and good health. This fast is also observed for getting rid of leprosy.

Worship Method in Sunday Fast

Sunday fast is the best for the fulfillment of all wishes. The method of this fast is as follows. In the morning, after retiring from bathing, wear clean clothes. Be calm and remember the Sun God. Food should not be eaten more than once. Food and fruits should be eaten in the presence of sunlight.

After this, worship Lord Surya with scent and flowers with rituals. Listen to the fast story after worship. Perform aarti after listening to the fast story. After that, remembering the Sun God, offer satvik food and fruits by giving water to the Sun.

Never take salty oily food on the day of fast. By observing this fast, honor and respect increases and enemies are destroyed. Apart from the pain of the eye, all other pains are removed.

Should not be done in Sunday Fast

  • Oily food should not be eaten.
  • One should not eat food after sunset.
  • Salty food should not be eaten.

Ravivar Vrat Katha

In ancient times, there used to be an old lady in a city. She used to wake up every morning in the morning and take bath and clean the courtyard by dipping it with cow dung. After that, after worshiping the Sun God, he used to prepare food and offer food to the God himself. By the grace of Lord Suryadev, he did not have any kind of worry and trouble. Gradually, his house was getting filled with money.  Read More...

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