Gajananam Bhoota Ganadhi Sevitam - Reverence and Meaning of the Shloka

Gaja-ananam Bhuuta-Ganna-adi Sevitam
Kapittha-Jambuu-Phala-Saara Bhakssitam |
Umaa-Sutam Shoka Vinaasha-Kaarannam
Namaami Vighne shvara Paada-Pangkajam ||


Gaja-ananam Bhuuta-Ganna-adi Sevitam
Even in the oldest Vedas, Lord Ganesha has been worshiped, who serves all the ghosts.

Kapittha-Jambuu-Phala-Saara Bhakssitam
The favorite food of Lord Ganesha is filled with the sweetness of kapittha and jambu fruit.

Umaa-Sutam Shoka Vinaasha-Kaaranna
Being the son of Uma Devi, he is the destroyer of all sorrows.

Namaami Vighne shvara Paada-Pangkajam
I pray to the lotus feet of Lord Vighneshwar.


In this verse, the glory and important qualities of Lord Shri Ganesha are described. Lord Ganesha is called "Gajanan" because his face is shaped like an elephant. They serve the Bhootaganas, which have been called "Bhootaganadi Sewitam".

In addition, he is praised for his favorite food, including the delicacy of kapittha and jambu fruit. Being the son of his parents Shiva and Uma, he is able to destroy all sorrows, which is called "umasutam shokavinashkaranam".

At the end of this verse, a prayer is made to the lotus feet of Lord Ganesha, with the words "Namami Vighneshwar Padpankajam". Through this the disciple shows that he worships Lord Vigneshwara and is constantly in the service of his lotus feet.

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