Svastivacana Mantra - Invoking Auspicious Blessings for Well-being

"Swasti Vachan" is a Sanskrit term that refers to the recitation or chanting of auspicious prayers or invocations for well-being, blessings, and harmony. These prayers are often recited at the beginning of ceremonies, rituals, or gatherings to invoke positive energies and seek divine blessings. The term "Swasti" signifies auspiciousness, while "Vachan" means recitation or speech.

These prayers are an integral part of many Hindu rituals and ceremonies, and they vary in content and structure based on the occasion and the tradition. They generally express a desire for peace, prosperity, and the well-being of all living beings.

ā nō bhadrāḥ kratavō yantu viśvatō̕dabdhāsō aparitāsa'udbhidaḥ.
Dēvā nō yathāmid vr̥dhē asannaprāyuvō rakṣitārō divē.

Meaning - Let such welfare thoughts keep coming to us from all around, which should not be suppressed by anyone, they cannot be obstructed from anywhere and they should reveal unknown subjects. May the deity who does not stop progress and is always ready to protect us be ready for our growth every day.

Dēvānāṁ bhadrā sumatirjūyatāṁ dēvānā gvaṅga rātirabhi nō nivartatām.
Dēvānā gvaṅga sakhyamupasēdimā vayaṁ dēvā na āyuḥ pratirantujīvasē.

Meaning - May the beneficent wisdom of the deities always be in front of us, may we receive the blessings of the deities, may we obtain the friendship of the deities, may the deities prolong our life for the sake of living.

Tān pūrvayā balanhūmahē vayaṁ bhaga mitramaditiṁ dakṣamatām.
Aryamana varuṇa gvaṅga sōmaśvinā śr̥ṇutandhiṣṇā yuvam.

Meaning - We invoke the Achyutarup Bhag, Mitra, Aditi, Prajapati, Aryaman, Varun, Chandrama and Ashwinikumars through Vedrup Sanatan Vani. May Aishwaryamayi Saraswati Mahavani give us all kinds of happiness.

Tamīśānanta jagatastuspatiṁ dhiyañjinvamasē hūsahē vayam.
Pūṣā yathāvr̥d'dha vēdasamad‌dhē rakṣitā pāyadabdhaḥ svastyē.

Meaning - We invoke Lord Rudra, the lord of the immovable and the one who gives satisfaction to the intellect, for protection. May the protector of Vedic knowledge and wealth, the protector of sons etc., the imperishable confirmation-deity be the instrument of our growth and welfare.

Svasti na indrō vr̥d'dhaśravāḥ svasti naḥ pūjā viśvēvēdāḥ.
Svasti nastārkṣyō ariṣṭanēmiḥ svasti nō br̥haspatirdadhātu.

Meaning - May the glorious Indra of great fame bless us, who has the knowledge of the world and who is remembered in all things, may Pusha (Sun), the nurturer of all, bless us. Whose speed like a chakradhara cannot be stopped by anyone, may Garuddev bless us. May Jupiter, the lord of Vedvani, bless us.

Pr̥ṣadaśvā marutaḥ pr̥śnimātaraḥ śubhaṁ yāvānō vidathēṣu jagmayaḥ.
Agnijihvā manavaḥ sūracakṣasō viśvē nō dēvā avasāgamanniha.

Meaning - Marudgana, who is born from Mother Aditi, who is born of mother Aditi, who goes to the sacrificial places, who has a tongue like fire, who is omniscient, who has eyes like the sun, come to this yajna of ours to receive food in the form of Sun.

Bhadraṁ karṇēbhiḥ śr̥ṇuyama dēvā bhadraṁ phaśyēmākṣabhiryajatrāḥ.
Sthirai raṅgaistustuvā gvaṅga sastanū bhirvyaśēmahi dēvahitaṁ yadāyuḥ.

Meaning - O the protectors of the host! Let us praise you together with the son etc. with strong limbs, listen to the auspicious things with our ears, see the auspicious things with our eyes, attain the age worthy of the worship of the gods.

Śataminū śaradō anti dēvā yatrā naścakra jarasaṁ tanunām.
Putrāsō yatra pitarō bhavanti mā nō madhyā rīṣatāyurgantōḥ.

Meaning - O Gods! May you stay close to us till the age of 100 years, at which age our body attains old age, at the age when our sons become fathers i.e. son-in-law, do not let that moving age of ours be divided in the middle.

Aditirdyauraditirintarikṣamatā sapitā putraḥ.
Viśvē dēvā aditiḥ pañcajanā aditirjātmaditirjanatvam.

Meaning - The undivided Parashakti is heaven, it is the space-form, the same Parashakti is the parent and the son as well. All the gods are the form of Parashakti, all the human beings of the four varnas including Antyaj are Parashakti, the one who has been born and the one who will be born, all are the form of Parashakti.

Dyauḥ śāntirantrikṣa gvaṅga śāntiḥ pr̥thivī śāntirāpaḥ śāntirōṣadhayaḥ.
Vanaspatayaḥ śāntirviśvē dēvāḥ śāntirbrahma śāntiḥ sarva gvam̐gḥ śāntiḥ śāntirēva śāntiḥ sā mā śāntirēdhi.

Meaning - May the heavenly world be peaceful, may the outer world be peaceful, may the earth be peaceful. Water, medicines and plants should be soothing. May all the deities, all the powers of the universe be peaceful. May Brahma, the great God, give us peace. The knowledge given by him, the Vedas should give peace. May the entire world be filled with peace, that means there should be peace everywhere. May I get such peace and it should always increase. The intention is that every particle of the universe should give us peace. May the whole environment be pleasant and peaceful.

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