Lord Vishnu Meditation Mantra - Shantakaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanabham

Shaanta-Aakaaram Bhujaga-Shayanam Padma-Naabham Sura-Iisham
Vishva-Aadhaaram Gagana-Sadrsham Megha-Varnna Shubha-Anggam |

Lakssmii-Kaantam Kamala-Nayanam Yogibhir-Dhyaana-Gamyam
Vande Vissnnum Bhava-Bhaya-Haram Sarva-Loka-Eka-Naatham ||

Meaning in English - Salutations to Sri Vishnu, Whose figure is very calm, He who is calm and serene, Who is lying (sitting) on the bed of Sheshnag, Who has a lotus in his navel, Who is the God of the gods and Who is the basis of the whole world, Who created the whole world One who pervades everywhere like the sky, whose color is like a blue cloud, who is very beautiful, who has perfect parts, who is very pleasing and beautiful. Such Lakshmi's Kant (Lakshmipati) Kamalnetra (whose eyes are as beautiful as lotus) which are obtained by meditation by yogis, (to obtain which yogis are always meditative) I bow down to Lord Sri Vishnu (such Parambrahma Shri I bow to Vishnu) who is the destroyer of fear of birth and death, who is the destroyer of all fears, who is the lord of all the worlds, who is the Lord of all the worlds

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