Shri Ganesh Chintan

Ekadantam Shurpakarna Gajavaktram Chaturbhujam.
Pasharakushdharam Devam Dhyayet Siddhi Vinayakam.

Dhyayed Gajanananam Devam Taptakanchansanibham.
Chaturbhujam Mahakayam Sarvabharanabhushitam.

Dantakshmala Parshum Purnamodakadharinam.
Modakasaktasundagramekadantam Vinayakam.

Lord Ganesha, who has one teeth, huge ears, elephant-like face and four arms, who holds a loop and curb in his hands, meditate on such a Siddhi Vinay Dev. Those whose unbroken ears are like a golden lamp, decorated with four arms, a giant, and all kinds of ornaments, should pay attention to the Gajanan Dev. Those who hold in their hands a character filled with teeth, akshamala, parshu and modak, whose trunk is on the front of the laddus, I pay attention to the one-teeth Vinayaka.

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