Legend of peacock feathers - Shri Krishna story

Once upon a time there lived a peacock in Gokul.
Every day when Lord Krishna would come and go, he would sing the same hymn sitting at his door.
'mera koee na sahaara bina tere, gopaal saanvariya mere, maan baap saanvariya mere'
He used to keep humming this way everyday.
It has been one day, it has been 2 days.
Like this, 1 year has passed.
But Krishna did not listen to one.
Then there was a myna flying from there.
He saw the peacock crying and marveled.
He was not surprised at the crying of the peacock, he was surprised to see that someone is crying at the rate of Krishna.
She spoke peacock
Maina: Hey Mor, why do you cry? So the peacock said that
Peacock: I have been wooing this dish for the last one year but till date it has not given me water
Hear this, Maina said
Maina: I have come with a shower, you also go there.
And both of them flew away and reached Barasaane .
When Maina reached there, she started singing.
Radhe Radhe Radhe
But the peacock was repeating the same after coming to the barasaane .
'mera koee na sahaara bina tere, gopaal saanvariya mere, maan baap saanvariya mere'
When Radha heard this, she came and hugged the peacock.
Radha: Where have you come from
So the peacock said
Peacock: Jai ho Radha Rani till date heard that you are compassionate and proved today
Radha: how is that
I have been playing the bin named Shyam for the past 1 year and he did not even drink water.
Radha: Okay, now you go to Gokul
Jai Radhe Radhe Radhe, barasaane wali Radhe
Peacock then comes to Gokul and
Sings Jai Radhe Radhe…
When Krishna heard this, he came running and said
Krishna: O peacock, where have you come from
Mere: Wow, cheers, when you have been playing without your name for a year, I did not even ask for water, and when Chantal changed today, he ran away.
Krishna: Hey, don't get into trouble
I have been singing this at your door for the past one year
'mera koee na sahaara bina tere, gopaal saanvariya mere, maan baap saanvariya mere'
Krishna: You took the name of Radha, these are your boons
And I did not ask for water, it is a curse for me
So, as long as this secretion remains. Your wings will always sit on my head
And whoever takes Radha's name will also be on my head
Jai ho peacock crown banshee wali ki

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