Power of Prayer - O Shri Krishna, You are Omniscient

An old lady goes to a vegetable shop, she does not have money to buy vegetables,

She requests the shopkeeper to lend her vegetables… but the shopkeeper refuses.

On his repeated requests, the shopkeeper angrily says, "If you have something that has a price, then put it on this scale, I will give you a vegetable equal to its weight."

The old lady falls into thought for a while. He didn't have anything like that.

After thinking for a while, he
A folded piece of paper comes out and writes something on it and puts it on the scale.

The shopkeeper starts laughing seeing this….. Still he picks up some vegetables and puts them on the scales.

Surprise...!!!The paper pan stays down and the vegetable pan gets up,

In this way, he keeps on keeping more vegetables, but the paper pan is not down.

Frustrated, the shopkeeper picks up the paper and reads it and is surprised.

 It was written on paper...
"O Shri Krishna, you are omniscient,
Now everything is in your hands."

The shopkeeper could not believe his eyes.

He gives that much vegetable to the old lady.

Another customer standing nearby explains to the shopkeeper that friend, don't be surprised.

Only Shri Krishna knows "what is the value of prayer".

There is indeed a lot of power in prayer.

Be it one hour or one minute.
If done sincerely,
So God definitely helps.

Often people have this excuse,
That we don't have time.

But the truth is that there is no time to remember God.

The disorders of the mind are removed through prayer, and
A positive energy is transmitted.

It gives strength to face the difficulties of life.

It is not necessary to pray only to ask for something.

You should be thankful for what you have.

This will destroy your inner ego and
A more capable personality will be formed.

While praying, keep the mind free from disorders like jealousy, hatred, anger, hatred.

Daily prayer in the morning must be made an essential part of life.
This will not only give strength but will also reduce the attachment towards evil or inaction.

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