Why did the tail not burn even when there was a fire on Hanuman's tail?

Janaki Mata said, Hanuman, tell me one thing, your son did not burn his tail in the fire and the whole of Lanka got burnt?

Shri Hanuman ji said that mother! Lanka is gold and does gold burn in fire somewhere?
Then how did it burn? Mother again asked…?

Lord Hanuman said - Mother! There was no ordinary fire in Lanka .. It was the Pawak ••••!

Pawak •••••?

Yes mother •••••!

Why are you extinguishing these riddles, if you believe, the fire is still there.
Lord Hanuman said - Mother! This pavement was not ordinary.

Again ..

jo aparaadh bhagat kar karee.
raam rosh paavak so jaree..

 It was the fury of Ram ji's fury in which gold Lanka burned.

Then Janaki's mother said - Son! The fire does not see its alien, then tell it so ••• How did it escape your tail? If Lanka was burnt, the tail should also have been burnt.
Hanuman ji said that mother! Not only the power to burn in that fire, but also the power to save.

Mother said - who has the power to save?

Hanuman ji then laid his head at the feet of Janaki Mata and said that mother! We know, God told you. tum paavak mahun karahu nivaasa - You were sitting in that pavak. So how will my tail burn, the pawak in which you are sitting? Mother's grace saved me, mother! You are the protector, you are God's blessing ..

Then she left her mother's mouth ..

Ajar amar gunanidhi sut hou .
karahu bahut raghunaayak chhohu ..

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