If it rains somewhere!

For 4 years, not a single drop of rain had fallen in the village of Kishangarh. Everyone was very upset. Hariya was also spending time with his wife and children.

One day, very upset, he said, "Oh mother of Munni, come to the house of worship with little children…"

The children's mother reached the house of worship with 6-year-old Munni and 4-year-old Raju.

Hari was sitting in front of God with folded hands, hiding his tears in a murmured voice, he said, "Heard God listens quickly to the children… Let us all pray to God for rain…"

Everyone started praying for rain in their own way.

Munni mind only mind

God, my Baba is very upset… You can do everything… Do not rain in our village too…

Shortly after performing the puja, Hari woke up and started coming out of the house.

"Where are you going Baba.", Munni said.

"I am going to the farm just like this, son", Hari said while exiting.

"Hey wait, wait… carry this umbrella with you", Munni ran and brought the umbrella hanging on the peg. "

Looking at the umbrella, Hari said, "Hey! What is the use of this, now it is going to be evening… It is sunny… ”

Munni innocently said, "Hey Baba, we have prayed for a while ago…. If it rains ..."

Hari was stunned to hear Munni's answer.

Sometimes he would look towards the sky, sometimes he would look at the innocent face of his daughter…

At that moment he felt a voice saying to him-

It is good to pray. But more important than that is to believe in the fact that your prayers will be heard and then work in the same way….

Hariya immediately lifted her daughter in her lap, kissed her forehead and moved forward, folding the umbrella in her hand.

Friends, we all pray but we do not fully believe in our prayers. And in such a situation, our prayer remains just as a word… does not change in reality. There is a mention of the power of faith in all religions, even saying that if a strong faith, a human being can move the mountain. And this is true, as Dasaratha Manjhi we also have a direct proof of this.

Therefore, if you want to see your worship truly successful, then believe in God and show it as if you are going to hear the prayer… and God will surely listen to you when you do this continuously!

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