Mother, drink water will be a great virtue

Kalidas said: - Mother, drink water will be a great virtue.
Woman said: Son, I do not know you. introduce yourself.
I will definitely drink water.
Kalidas said: - I am a wanderer, please drink water.
Woman said: - How can you be a wanderer, there are only two people, the sun and the moon, who never stop and always walk. Who are you, tell the truth.

Kalidas said: - I am a guest, please drink water.
Woman said: - How can you be a guest? There are only two guests in the world.
First money and second youth. They do not take time to go. Tell the truth who are you
(Desperate to have been defeated by all the arguments so far)

Kalidas said: - I am tolerant. Now drink water.
The woman said: - No, there are only two tolerant. First, the earth which bears the burden of all sinful and virtuous. His chest rip up and gives seed stores by sowing the seeds, other trees which should be stoned still give sweet fruits. You are not tolerant. Tell the truth who are you
(Kalidas almost fell into unconsciousness and shrugged off arguments)

Kalidas said: - I am obstinate.
Woman said: - Then untrue. There are only two stubborn ones - first fingernail and second hair, no matter how many bites come out again and again. Say the truth, who are you Brahmins?
(Completely humiliated and defeated)

Kalidas said: - Then I am a fool.
The woman said: - No, how can you be foolish.
There are only two fools. The first king who rules all even without merit, and the second court priest who tries to prove the king right by pleasing the wrong thing to please the king.
(In case of some inability to speak, Kalidas fell on the feet of the old man and started pleading for water)

The old lady said: - Wake up! (When Kalidas looked up after hearing the voice, the real Goddess Saraswati was standing there, Kalidas again bowed down)
Mother said: - Education comes from knowledge and not ego. You accepted the honor and prestige you got on the strength of education as your achievement and sat arrogantly, so I had to pretend to open your eyes.
Kalidas understood his mistake and after drinking a lot of water, he went ahead.

Education :-
Never boast about scholarship, this pride destroys scholarship.
Two things should never be allowed to go in vain…
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