Twelve Zodiac Mantra

Everyone has a name and is named after the time of day of his birth. A person is named after his birth lagna and that is his zodiac sign. Zodiac mantras can be recited anywhere. One should start his day only by chanting his zodiac mantra which is as follows.

  1. Mantra of Aries zodiac - om hreen shreen lakshmee naaraayanaay namah
  2. Mantra for Taurus - om gopaalaay uttar dhvajaay namah
  3. Mantra of Gemini - om kleen krshnaay namah
  4. Mantra of Cancer - om hirany garbhaay avyakt roopine namah
  5. The mantra of Leo zodiac - om kleen brahmaane jagadaadhaaraay namah
  6. Mantra for Virgo - om namo preen peetaambaraay namah
  7. Mantra of Libra zodiac - om tattv ninranaay taarakaraamaay namah
  8. Mantra of Scorpio - om naaraayanaay surasinhaay namah
  9. Mantra of Sagittarius - om shreen devakrshnaay roodhrvashootaay namah
  10. Mantra of Capricorn - om shreen vatsalaay namah
  11. Mantra of Aquarius - om shreen upendraay achyutaay namah
  12. Mantra of Pisces - om kleen uddhrtaay uddhaarine namah


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