Ananta Evam Naganamadhipaha - Lord Vishnu Mantra

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These verses are a Sanskrit shloka dedicated to Lord Ananta, who is often associated with Lord Vishnu in his eternal form. 

Here's the translation:

Ananta evam nagānāmadhipaḥ sarvakāmadaḥ |
Sadā bhūyāt prasanno me yaktānābhayankara ||

O Lord Ananta, the ruler of all serpents and the fulfiller of all desires,
May you always be pleased with me and bestow your protection.

Anantasāgara mahāsamudre magnān samabhyuddharavāsudevam |
Anantarūpe vinīyojitātmāhy anantarūpāyanamōnamastē. ||

Immersed in the great ocean of Ananta, I salute Lord Vasudeva,
Who assumes countless forms and whose true nature is beyond comprehension.

These verses express devotion to Lord Ananta, who is considered the eternal form of Lord Vishnu and is often associated with protection and the fulfillment of desires.

Benefits of the Shloka

  • Blessings and Protection: Reciting these verses is believed to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Ananta. Devotees seek his divine grace to safeguard them from adversity and difficulties in life.
  • Fulfillment of Desires: Lord Ananta is often associated with fulfilling desires (sarva-kamada). Chanting these verses with devotion is thought to help fulfill one's righteous wishes and aspirations.
  • Eternal Bond: The shloka emphasizes the eternal nature of Lord Ananta and his connection with Lord Vishnu (Vasudeva). It reminds devotees of the infinite, unbreakable bond between the two, signifying the underlying unity in diversity.
  • Prayer for Guidance: Devotees pray for the continuous guidance and support of Lord Ananta in their spiritual journey and life endeavors.

The Sanskrit verses are a prayer dedicated to Lord Ananta, associated with Lord Vishnu's infinite form. Reciting these verses invokes blessings, protection, and fulfillment of righteous desires. The verses emphasize the eternal bond between Lord Ananta and Vishnu, fostering spiritual connection, unity, and reverence for the divine. They highlight the boundless grace and the significance of seeking guidance from the eternal aspect of the divine, promoting inner peace and devotion among devotees.

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