Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Mahamritunjaya mantra is a mantra of Lord Shiva. This mantra is considered as the biggest mantra of Lord Shiva. This mantra is believed to be the life saving mantra in Hinduism. It is also said that the recital of this mantra pleases Lord Shiva and scares away the death. The mantra was first ever recited by Maharishi Markandeya.

tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭivardhanam
urvārukamiva bandhanānmṛtyormukṣīya mā'mṛtāt

O Lord, you who nourishes the three lokas, you who takes away all the sorrows, the supreme father, I pray to you to bless me with eternal life full of your love and compassion and save me from bad health and death in the same way as a ripen fruit separates itself from its branch.

Meaning Word by Word:
Trayambakam : One who has three eyes. Lord Shiva is the only one who have it.
Yajamahe: One who is prayed or worshiped.
Sugandhim: Good Smell.
Pushti: Prosperous, Fulfilled.
Vardhanam: One who makes happy, prosperous, gives peace of mind and takes care about you.
Urvarukmiv: Like it or no one else.
Bandhanat: Associated or bonding.
Mrityur- From Death.
Mokshaya: Free us or send us heaven.
Ma: Not
Amritat: Immortal.

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