What are mantras, why are they recited?

In Indian Vedic literature, every letter of the Hindi alphabet is labeled as a mantra. Nad is Brahm there. How many letters will be in each mantra, it has been chosen according to the fruit of the mantra. Its fruit changes according to the letters located in the mantra. For example, "Om Namah Shivaya" has 6 letters, hence it is the Sharadakshi Mantra. If 4 is not used in it, then it becomes Panchakshari mantra. Similarly "Om Namo Narayana" is the Ashtakshari Mantra and "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" is the Dwadasakari Mantra. On the basis of the number of letters used in the mantras, by choosing the mantras properly, the respective deities are called upon to fulfill various purposes.

Mantra is the medium by which various Gods and Goddesses are invoked, prayed and prayed to, so that they can balance the physical, mental, physical and spiritual development of the native and make the life of the person happy. Mantra can be called a full-fledged metaphysics. The right choice and correct pronunciation of mantras balance the physical, mental, physical and spiritual development of the native and establish happiness, prosperity and peace in the life of the native.

If the mantras are chanted with full purity and reverence in full Vedic manner, then the waves emanating from them connect with the waves of the divine power. Our sages were aware of these waves and they discovered various mantras only to make contact with these waves. The correct chanting of mantras increases the flow of positive energy in the human body and the waves emanating from the human body have a positive effect on the shape of the human brain in contact with the related divine waves. But negative words can also flow when there are antonyms in the order of words. The ability to make various instruments active and full of power is also in the mantras, without them the instruments will remain only in shape.

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