Humility is the path to progress

We should treat everyone with humility. Humanity should be treated by all, abandoning hostile feelings. Our progress is in the advancement of the other.

Brothers, why is there no progress in any country, state, village, society or home? We discuss about that here. When a fault arises due to any fault of mutual rift or jealousy in a place, a situation of destruction arises there. for example-

The evidence of Ravana's younger brother Vibhishana and Bali's younger brother Sugriva proves this.

Ravana considered his brother an insignificant creature and Bali also considered Sugriva to be equal to his strength. For this reason both were destroyed. While in the Vedas, it has been clarified that when the Gods revealed the Yajna Purush, the Yajna Purush God directed that the Brahmin with the mouth, the Kshatriya with arms and the Vaishya with both thighs and the Shudra caste with both feet appeared. That is, Brahm Gyan from every human body, protection from arms, maintenance from thighs and service from feet originated.

Meaning: If a creature's head is separated, the entire creature is destroyed. If the arms are separated then neither will be able to protect itself nor others, and if the thigh is separated, it cannot move. And if the leg is separated, it cannot walk nor stand.

From this fact we came to know that whatever nature has sent to the environment around us, be it animal, whether human or tree-plant in the form of greenery, all of them have birth relationship with us.

We should treat everyone with humility. Everyone should be treated equally. Our advancement is in the advancement of the other.

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