Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 36

nihatya dhārtarāṣhṭrān naḥ kā prītiḥ syāj janārdana
pāpam evāśhrayed asmān hatvaitān ātatāyinaḥ

O Maintainer of all living entities, what pleasure will we derive from killing the sons of Dhritarasthra? Even though they may be aggressors, sin will certainly come upon us if we slay them.

Word by Word Meaning:

nihatya - by killing
dhārtarāṣhṭrān - the sons of Dhritarashtra
naḥ - our
- what
prītiḥ - pleasure
syāt - will there be
janārdana - he who looks after the public, Shree Krishna
pāpam - vices
eva - certainly
āśhrayet - must come upon
asmān - us
hatvā - by killing
etān - all these
ātatāyinaḥ - aggressors

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