When and between what were the major wars of Indian history?

Here are the major wars in the history of India and when they were told. In this post, India has had major wars in the early period, whose list of the most important information is given below. Let's know about the names of the major wars in history, when and between: -

Definition of War: War is a type of aggressive act that is fought for a long time between any two states to obtain economic resources, political power and expansion and material resources.

List Of Wars Of Ancient India:
Year (when)Name Of WarWhat Happened Between
326 BCBattle Of The HydespesThis War Between Alexander And King Puru Of Punjab, Alexander Defeated King Puru In This War.
261 BCKalinga WarIn This War, Ashoka Defeated The King Of Kalinga, But Saddened By The War, He Also Accepted Buddhism.
712 A.D.Raver'S WarThis War Took Place Between King Dahir And Muhammad Bin Qasim, In This War Muhammad Bin Qasim Defeated Dahir.
1001 A.D.Battle Of PeshawarIn This Battle, Mahmud Ghaznavi Defeated King Jaipal.
1191 A.D.First Battle Of TarainIn This War, Prithviraj Chauhan Defeated Muhammad Ghori.
1192 A.D.Second Battle Of TarainIn This War, Muhammad Ghori Defeated Prithviraj Chauhan.
1194 A.D.Battle Of ChandavarIn This War, Muhammad Ghori Defeated King Jayachand.

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